Nancy's Broken Arrow

                                                                            3D Bow Course

 Nancy's Broken Arrow has been family owned and operated for over 20 years offering fun for the whole family.

 Course is setup with a minimum of 35 targets divided into 2 sets with an equal number of  shots each. Course contains one of a kind and unusual targets including a full size rhino, alien, 15' polar bear, dinosaur and big game targets such as elk, caribou, buffalo, moose and grizzly bear.

 We welcome the following bow types..... Compound, Long Bow, and Recurve. As of the 2013 season we will no longer allow use of crossbows, except for handicapped shooters and they must shoot from the green stake and at a maximum of 300 feet per second.

If you don't want to have fun, Don't come!


Bob and Nancy May

Contact: 765-795-6053